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Barre, MA – When more than 100 farmers converge this February in Barre for a 3 day seminar, they'll be focusing on a topic of serious concern to a growing number of consumers: the nutrition and taste of our food. The Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter has arranged for the worldwide farmer consultant, Dr. Arden Andersen, to give this intensive seminar to farmers on how they can increase the nutrient density, taste, and yield of their crops.

Thursday, 15 January 2009 16:17

Dan Kittredge Invited to Co-Chair at ACORE

On December 3rd and 4th of 2008 at ACORE in Washington DC, Real Food Campaign Director Dan Kittredge spoke at the Phase II of Renewable Energy in America Conference with Joel Salatin, a well-known player in the eco/sustainable farming movement, on the subject of food and fee.

Sunday, 02 November 2008 13:26

New RTE Coordinator for South Africa

We are excited to introduce you to Jacques Snyman, our new RTE Coordinator for South Africa and to his company Turbo-Grow. Please click here to find out more about him!

Tuesday, 07 October 2008 07:13

*Call to Arms*

Call to Arms

Equipping Market Gardeners to Produce Nutrient-Dense Foods

November 6-7, 2008
8:00am - 5:00pm

Speakers Include:
Dan Skow
Jon Frank
Dan Kittredge
Duane Headings

The Location: Shipshewana, Indiana at the Shipshewana Town Center

The Subject: Integrating 5 tools needed to produce nutrient-dense foods and some marketing savvy to sell your produce at higher prices according to its true value.

Cost: $350

Cost for Spouse: $150

Event includes some extra bonus features as well.

I hope to see you next month,
Jon C. Frank

Tuesday, 30 September 2008 03:52

SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow

SEER Centre Featured in Star & Furrow

seer_centre_front.jpgIn "Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration with Rockdust", Moira Thompson traces the inspirational history of the SEER Centre from its humble and ambitious beginnings to its current state as a recognized Land Trust and purveyor of rockdust.

Moira details some of the SEER Centre's earliest experiments in remineralization and the results are exciting! Mineral and trace element rich rockdust, "quarried from 420 million year old Scottish volcanic rock", works in conjunction with both the soil and its inhabitants to consistently provide delicious, nutrient-dense organic produce.

Remineralization as a tool in climate stabilization cannot be underestimated, as Moira points out in this Star & Furrow article. Graphs and images illustrate where we are now in Earth's glacial cycle. READ MORE


RTE and the Real Food Campaign at NOFA Summer Conference 2008

Director of our Real Food Campaign, Dan Kittredge offered the first workshop in an exciting workshop series related to remineralization at the 34th Annual Northeast Organic Farming Association's Summer Conference held in Amherst, MA from August 8-10, 2008.

From left to right: Dan Kittredge, Director of the Real Food Campaign; Dr. Arden Anderson, Keynote Speaker; and Joanna Campe, President and Executive Director of RTE

The conference opened with keynote speaker Dr. Arden Andersen. Both a medical doctor and a world leader in sustainable agriculture, Dr. Andersen believes that health begins with healthy soil and is helping to lead an agricultural revolution that will improve our bodily health and the health of the environment by restoring real nutritional content to our food. Dr. Andersen is a key inspiration and proponent of remineralization and the Real Food Campaign.

Dan Kittredge in his workshop covered Nutrient Dense Crop Production and David Yarrow spoke on the Importance of Minerals, Trace Elements and Microbes for Crops and Health. RTE generated much interest as an exhibitor, offering information about Remineralize the Earth and its project, the Real Food Campaign.

For more information about the conference click here.

Wednesday, 03 September 2008 06:55

Organic Connections Magazine Wins Award

Organic Connections, a wonderful magazine put out by Natural Vitality, has recently won a design award. The magazine often carries articles on RTE and soil remineralization. The recent July-August issue featured an article with Dr. Arden Andersen titled How We Can Restore Nutritional Content to Our Food. The coming September-October issue will feature RTE Director Dan Kittredge and the Real Food Campaign. For a free subscription, go to Organic Connections.



Much of RTE's sponsorship for 2007-2008 has come through a percentage of profits paid by Natural Vitality through their Natural Revitalization program. To see a video and story about this program, click here.

Sunday, 31 August 2008 13:42

Peggy Day

Mystic, Connecticut

My husband John and I couldn't be happier with our brand-new garden this year! It's not very big, but it supplies all the produce that we can possibly use. The vegetables are amazing and we give away basketfuls each week.

Thursday, 21 August 2008 08:53

Sammy De

Barre, Massachusetts

August 9

I met Joanna Campe at the NOFA Conference 2008. I use Azomite in my garden along with my compost and have no need for fertilizers.




Tuesday, 18 December 2007 09:23

Bill Neu

Lyons, Wisconsin

Six years ago, 2001, I started gardening for the sake of improving my ailing health. I was determined to garden organically for the sake of food purity. Setting out with little knowledge and almost zero experience I had two very disappointing years of only fair yield and relentless insect attack.

Disillusioned, I then read up on some organic pest control approaches. Armed with a little non-toxic ammo I achieved less damaged produce. However it cost extra money and time and did not improve yield.

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