Sunday, 31 August 2008 13:42

Peggy Day

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Mystic, Connecticut

My husband John and I couldn't be happier with our brand-new garden this year! It's not very big, but it supplies all the produce that we can possibly use. The vegetables are amazing and we give away basketfuls each week.

This spring when we were just starting to dig up the soil, Dan Kittredge and Roshni Prabakar told us about using various rock dusts and humate. We are absolutely delighted with our incredibly big and tasty 17" cucumbers (10 to 12 of them each week, 3 inches in diameter), 2 1/2-inch diameter "cherry" tomatoes (no one told them they were supposed to be small! lol ), 2 1/2-inch diameter carrots, and 5" diameter broccoli florettes. And no diseases or infestations the entire season - at least none that we know of! It's been quite a summer, and we are so very grateful to know about remineralizing!

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