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Marc Daelemans, Belgium

Averbodeweg, 21B3271
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The year 1987 was a turning point in my life. This was the year when I met the Native American Floyd Westerman, and I changed careers. I began to apply myself to 'engineering of Mother Earth': purification of the earth, the air and especially wastewater and rainwater with plant system.

On December 21, 1992 I set up my own company for environmental cleansing: PURE-milieutechniek bvba (

PURE Abwassertechnik in Germany was our mother company ( The research for our technique was made by Dr.Kathe Seidel of the famous Max-Planck Institute in Germany. This was then commercialized by the family Rausch in 1976, the founders of PURE Abwassertechnik and with whom I still work together nowadays. Since 2003 we are embedded in a big family company BAUER in Germany.

During the construction of a modern plant purification system with planted lava filters, we determined that where we had spread the redundant lava sand in the garden, that the plants grew better and looked more robust. I began to examine the phenomena and through literature of the Austrian nature researcher Viktor Schauberger (, I came to the research of Julius Hensel, which lead me to John D. Hamaker. And through John D. Hamaker's work, I learned more about mineralizing the earth and your wonderful organization.

The water and marsh plants we work with are being utilized for environmental cleansing for three years in a ground substrate that exists from mineralized loam and domestic compost. If needed, our purification systems are being fed with lava-basalt dust, a treatment which has a very positive influence on the growth of the plants and therefore also on their performances.

Our intention is to restore the circular courses in nature and to heal the earth and the water (i.e., waste water purification with overgrown plant filters, and use the produced biomass as cattle forage, as usable raw material: the effluent for the irrigation and making green of the deserts!)

I also want to devote myself in Belgium to the spreading of the knowledge about remineralising the earth.