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The Potential of Remineralization with Rock Mineral Fines to Transform Agriculture, Forestry, Sustainable Biofuel Production, Sequester Carbon and Stabilize the Climate

Remineralize the Earth (RTE), an international nonprofit (NGO) based in Northampton, Massachusetts has been invited by the State Department to sponsor an Official Side Event at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference 2008 (WIREC) on March 3rd. President Joanna Campe and Executive Director Dan Kittredge will be speakers.

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We know that "traditionally grown" fruits and vegetables we see in supermarkets are both lacking in vitamins and minerals and have added chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides. These toxic additions in particular fueled the demand for organic produce but did not completely address the lack of nutrients.

Going back in time, our soil was rich with minerals, which found their way into our foods in healthy doses. Mineralized soil grew healthier crops providing the vitamins and minerals we now need to take as supplements. Additionally, hardier plants were capable of repelling insects and other pests that are now a constant and costly threat to growers.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007 11:27

Dan Kittredge

Spencer Brook Farm, Concord, MA

Tomatoes in full bloom and lush growth going through third flowering/fruiting cycle in MA. growing on soil that was last year not much more than low pH sand and gravel. A mix of rock powders was used to bring the plants to this state. Locally available granite schist, highly paramagnetic blacksand, high trace element spectrum summa minerals as well as high calcium lime and colloidal soft rock phosphate. None of the traditional fungus or wilt diseases struck or hornworms as can be easily seen by the lush growth and numerous fruiting cycles. Tomatoes grown on nearby soil were struck down by black wilt by mid August.

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(From Left) Dan Kittredge, Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth; Bill Holmberg, Chairman of the BCC at ACORE; and Andrew Harley, Remineralization Research Scientist

On March 5th, Executive Director Dan Kittredge and Scientific Consultant Andrew Harley attended the annual meeting of the Biomass Coordinating Committee (BCC) of ACORE, the American Council on Renewable Energy. They were speakers presenting as part of a project in Nevada run by the department of prisons that will test tree growth for biomass production. The project is experimenting with a patented process of seedling starting called RPM and soil amendments including remineralization and Bio-char. The remineralization presentation was well received and many contacts were made for RTE with ACORE and other members of the BCC. Long time remineralization ally Bill Holmberg, chairman of the BCC is seen here with Andrew and Dan.

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Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st the nutrient density in our food crops has been consistently declining. USDA studies show that an average apple from the 1960's had 5 times the nutrition of that same apple produced today. This is an average of course, and there are many farms who have figured out how to produce high nutrient density crops even while the national average has been plummeting.

Remineralize The Earth has just embarked on a research project in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts to document the effect on nutrient density of crops with the application of rock dusts and biological amendments.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007 09:35

Dan Kittredge at the 2008 PASA Conference

Dan Kittredge, Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth, will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture's 2008 Farming for the Future Conference to be held February 7-9, 2008 in State College, PA. More information on this event is available at the PASA website.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007 09:28

RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign

RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign

RTE is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign.

Joanna Campe and Dan Kittredge of RTE will have a booth at the Acres USA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, from December 6-8, 2007. The Real Food campaign will be seeking to increase the demand and facilitate the supply of nutrient dense foods. We are coordinating farmers, farm co-operatives, retailers, consumers, mineral suppliers, and agronomists.

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