This directory is a list of companies that offer products for remineralizing gardens and farms, orchards, landscaping, permaculture, and more. International sources are listed by country, and for the US by region.

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  • ASIA



    Raymond Laksmana

    Jalan Faliman Jaya no 19, Daan Mogot KM 19, Tangerang 15124, Indonesia

    Phone: +62-21-54397604, +62-21-54397605

    Fax: +62-21-5539863


    For over a decade, Indo-organic, subdivision of PT. LAKSMANA MULIA SENTOSA, has been concentrating on highest quality products in regards of natural organic fertilizers and soil amendment products, some derived from Indonesian volcanic mountains with it’s very fertile volcanic natural sediments.

    We mean to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to soil management and crop fertilization. Indo-organic features a line of natural organic products that work with the microorganisms, and organic matter to feed the soil and stimulate plant growth.

    Our Products Range :

    – Volcanic Rock Dust
    – Volcanic Loam
    – Volcanic Akadama
    – Volcanic Growing Media
    – Natural Bat Guano
    – Nitro Bat Guano
    – Dried or Fermented Tectona Grandis Leaves

    100% Natural Organic Products.
    To Promote Healthy Soil and Provide Soil Fertility, in The Natural Way.


    Munash Natural Fertilizers

    Victoria, Australia

    Stonebread 2006 Ltd

    Christchurch 8001, New Zealand

    Boral Construction Materials


    Men of The Trees (Inc.)

    Guildford, Western Australia 6935


    Queensland, Australia

    Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises Pty Ltd

    Queensland, Australia



    Basalto Agricola



    JCA FERREIRA – ME – CNPJ 24.729.089/0001-90 Insc.Est. 13.322.955-6

    Rodovia do Mirante KM 4 Cx 27 – CEP 78195-000-Chapada dos Guimarães MT




    Gaia Green Products, Ltd

    Andres Dean

    9130 Granby Rd. Grand Forks, BC JOH1H1

    Phone: (250) 442-3745


    Global Repair Ltd.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    McInnes Natural Fertilizers Inc.

    Stanstead QC, Canada

    OceanGrown Canada Ltd.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Paramount Growth Holdings Inc.

    Yates Street Victoria, Canada



    Rockdust Ltd, leading supplier of volcanic SEER® Rockdust®

    Moira & Cameron Thomson

    Rockdust Ltd.
    The SEER Centre,
    Ceanghline, Straloch Farm,
    Enochdhu, Blairgowrie,
    Perthshire. Scotland.
    PH10 7PJ

    Tel: 01250 881789




    Harsteinwerk Kitzbuhel GesmbH

    Oberndorf/Tirol, Austria

    Robert Schindele GesmbH


    Living Foods


    Wiksunds Tradgard

    Wiksund, Svartsjö.

    Angus Horticulture Ltd

    Polmood, Guthrie, Forfar, Angus

    Pinetum Products

    SEER Centre Trust

    Ceanghline, Straloch Farm, Enochdhu, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

    REMIN (Scotland) Ltd

    Jennifer A Brodie

    Burnhead, Raemoir

    Banchory, AB31 4EB

    Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Phone: 44-1330-820914


    REMIN volcanic rock dust: In descriptive 10kg and 20kg bags, plain 0.5t and 1t bags; bulk loads of 29tonne to gardening, horticulture and farming.




    Sinaloa, Mexico



    Turbo-Grow (Pty) Ltd

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • UNITED STATES - Multiple Locations

    Vulcan Minerals Company

    Birmingham, AL

    Eco-Min ®

  • UNITED STATES - Northeast

    Rock Dust Local (LLC)

    Thomas Vanacore

    Phone: 802-758-2220


    “The largest selection of local and regionally sourced rock dust for remineralization in North America,” Rock Dust Local is the first commercial enterprise making available economic supplies of local and regional rock dust materials for agriculture, forestry and land management region by region.

    Available in loose bulk, truckload, heavy sack, packaged goods, rock dust in diverse gradations from the all purpose “BrixBlend” to the true “Stone Flour” for specialized applications. Additional fixed carbon companion materials are available including humates, peat, and inoculated biochar. Rock Dust Local also sources specialty ores and concentrates such as Magnetite, Garnet, Olivine and Kaolin as well as lightweight media such as Perlite, Vermiculite and expanded Shale.

    Partial listing of currently available materials: Basalt, Black Shale, Calcium Silicate, Diorite, Carbonatite, Clay, Feldspar, Glacial, Gneiss, Granite, Greywackle, Leonardite, Megnetite, Olivine, Quartzite, Rhyolite, Schist, Zeolite.

    Downloadable catalogs of materials can be found at

    Rock Dust Local will assist growers or manufacturers in the evaluation of local resources for suitability for use in agriculture, forestrty and land management.

    Rock Dust Soil Solutions

    Macy Horton

    Phone: 207-479-6613


    We offer pure Maine glacial granite dust in a variety of quantities from 2 lb containers to 2000 lb pallets. Our product is called Granite Flour (as its texture is comparable to that of baking flour) and it is packed with dozens of trace elements that you need to remineralize your soil for stronger plants and long term soil health.

    Just a few of the minerals inside are…
    Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Iron, Zinc, and Silica.

    By incorporating it into your soil just a couple of times a year, your garden will start to look like Jack’s bean stock! This is a 100% organic and natural way for your plants to reach their potential! A laboratory analysis is available upon request.

    This business was started by Macy, a lifelong gardener and Mainer, in order to take a waste product of the stonework industry and give it a new life remineralizing the earth, and helping growers everywhere.

    Happy Gardening!

    Ashfield Stone Co.

    Ashfield, MA


    Bainbridge, PA

    Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.

    Neil Stern, Sales Representative

    13870 Taylor Hollow Road

    Collins, NY 14034

    Phone: 716-532-3371


    Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc. produces crushed gravel from glacial deposits in Western New York State. The resulting fines have proven very desirable for soil amendment because of their ideal mineral and physical properties. Please contact us for a complete elemental analysis or to discuss bulk shipment possibilities.

    North Country Organics

    Deb Zambon

    PO Box 372

    Bradford, VT 05033

    Phone: 802-222-4277


    North Country Organics (NCO) manufactures and distributes natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and environmentally compatible pest controls. With wholesale distributors located throughout the central and northeastern regions of the U.S., we serve commercial and wholesale accounts.

    Nutrient Density Supply Co.

    P.J. Keating Company


    Restora Life Minerals, LLC


  • UNITED STATES - Southeast

    SeaAgri, Inc.

    Robert Cain

    PO Box 88237, Dunwoody, GA 30356

    Phone: 770-361-7003 or 678-232-9064


    SeaAgri and its founders, Robert Cain and Carmen Hagen, are dedicated to the promotion of “sea energy agriculture” on a global basis for soil and crop remineralization for the production of nutrient-dense food. SeaAgri provides SEA-90® enriched sustainable ocean products containing 90 minerals and trace elements. SEA-90 mineral crystals are created naturally from sea water in a remote and pristine environment, and are provided in several forms to accommodate most agricultural programs. It is utilized as a mineral salt for all livestock and poultry, as a bio-stimulant for the creation of compost and compost teas, as an amendment for soil remineralization, and is also easily dissolved for the foliar applications to remineralize and increase the nutrient density of forage, pasture, hay and all vegetable and field crops. SEA-90 products are OMRI Listed® for the production of all crops and livestock.


    Newnan, GA


    Shean P. McManus

    7453-C Commercial Circle

    Fort Pierce, FL 34951

    Phone: 941-921-2401


    OceanGrown Inc. is the Florida based manufacturer of OceanSolution. Using an energy efficient and proprietary process, we harvest ionic minerals from the deep clean ocean – the most natural and sustainable resource on Earth. Our signature product is a liquid mineral/nutrient solution listed by OMRI for Crop Production and as a Livestock Feed Additive. As a solution, our product is easily tank mixed and applied in agriculture, turf & ornamental and hydroponic applications.


    We firmly believe that our soils, over time, have become depleted. Without restoring the health and mineralization of our soils we are bound to continue our dependence on costly and toxic synthetic fertilizers to maintain plant life.


    Our dream was to develop a product that would produce nutrient dense fruits, vegetables and meats. Thus, enabling humans and animals to express their full genetic potential. We believe re-mineralization has to start now.

    Pure Earth Botanicals of SW Louisiana

    Sulphur, LA

    Roylance Environments

    Judy Roylance

    Rt 2 Box 384

    Fairmont, WV 26554

    Phone: 304-368-0707


    Planters II 5-lb jug, 50-lb bag, 1-ton bags, bulk. Ships anywhere.

    Harmony Farms Natural Foods

    Raleigh, NC

  • UNITED STATES - Midwest

    Adzsum Plus

    Road Copemish, MI

    Bio-Green Inc.

    Volo, IL

    Crop Services International

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Good Earth Landscape Institute LLC


    International Ag Labs, Inc.
    High Brix Gardens

    Fairmont, MN

    Logan Labs, LLC

    Lakeview, OH

    Ohio Earth Food, Inc.

    Hartville, OH


    AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.

    27 South Main Street PO Box 21 Nephi, UT 84648

    Phone: (435) 623-8007

    Toll Free: (877) 296-6483

    Fax: (435) 623-8009


    AZOMITE® natural trace minerals are mined in Utah, USA
    from a deposit that contains a distinctive combination of rare earth elements and trace minerals found nowhere else on Earth.

    Without all of the required nutrients available in its soil environment, plant life will not reach its full potential. AZOMITE® helps provide these essential nutrients, from a 100% natural source. OMRI Listed for use in organic production and processing, farmers and growers have relied on AZOMITE® minerals for over seventy years.


    Laura Kreitler

    PLO Drawer “T” 425 Alta St., BLDG 16 Gonzalez, CA 93926

    Phone: (831) 675-3144 ext. 1




    Manufacture and sell organically based all amendments for commercial and home garden use.

    US Rare Earth Minerals, Inc.

    PO Box 851

    Panaca, NV 89402

    Phone: 503-551-1989



    US Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. produces the product Excelerite® which is 100% approved for organic farming with over 78 bioavailable minerals and nutrients with a neutral pH 6.9-7.3 for use in agriculture, livestock, aquaponics, and human consumption.

    Agrowinn Fertilizers

    Encinitas, CA

    Bio Ag Corp.

    Independence, Oregon

    Common Ground Organic Garden Supply & Education Center

    Palo Alto, CA

    Country Harvest USA

    Big Sandy, TX

    Grab N’ Grow Soil Products

    Santa Rosa, CA


    Grand Junction, CO

    Effective Environmental Services

    Lake View Terrace, CA

    Granite Rock

    Watsonville, CA

    Invisible Gardener

    Malibu, CA

    Harmony Farm Supply Sales

    Sebastopol, CA

    Hawaiian Minerals Plus

    Capt. Cook, HI

    Redmond Minerals, Inc.

    Redmond UT

    Spare Time Supply

    Willits, CA

    U.S. Soil, Inc.

    Salida, CO

    Agronics Inc.

    Albuquerque, NM

    Wasatch Minerals

    Mesa, AZ

  • UNITED STATES - Northwest

    Ambrosia Technology LLC – SEA-CROP®

    Arthur Ziegler

    PO Box 6 Raymond, WA 98577

    Phone: (360) 942-5698

    The book Seawater Concentrate for Abundant Agriculture Every naturally occurring element on planet Earth is found in seawater. Everything soluble, given enough time, eventually ends up in the sea. If all the dissolved minerals were removed from the oceans and spread on land as dried solids, they would cover all the land of planet Earth with a layer of minerals 500 feet thick. This is our least scarce mineral resource.

    SEA-CROP ® is a unique product made by a proprietary process that removes 95% of the sodium chloride while concentrating the other minerals between 2,000% to 3,000%. It is safe to use without fear of adding too much sodium chloride to the soil. Because unnecessary salt is eliminated from the product, the beneficial trace and ultra-trace minerals are more concentrated, and only a few gallons per acre are needed to give good results.

    Additionally, SEA-CROP® contains active organic substances of marine origin. All seawater contains fulvic acid. This, along with many other active organic substances is concentrated, resulting in unique bioactivity for a mineral product. The 90 elemental minerals and the compound minerals contained in SEA-CROP® are in ionic form, ready for immediate use by plants and soil microflora. The broad spectrum of available cations present these life forms with a buffet of scarce mineral co-factors for enzyme formation. Because the minerals are in ionic form, they are not limited to being used as a soil amendment. They can be just as effective when used as a foliar spray.

    Because SEA-CROP® minerals are in ionic solution, they may also be used for hydroponics. This has been a successful application of the product in the Netherlands for the last 8 years.

    The product is also approved for use in animal nutrition and may be added to drinking water or added to feed.

    Independent third party testing of SEA-CROP® in America, Europe and Africa by farmers, universities and government agencies has shown remarkable increases of yields and nutrient density. A recent test program conducted in 2012 at County Line Harvest Farm in Thermal, CA gave the following results. These are averages from the tests on six different species of vegetables:

    Yield increase +62.56%
    Dry matter increase +12.72%
    Brix increase +35.12%
    Protein increase +19.73%
    Insect damage reduction 52.%

    An in depth discussion covering years of plant and animal testing together with results obtained is available in the newly published book Seawater Concentrate for Abundant Agriculture. This book is available from the SEA-CROP® website

    For the location of the dealer, nationally or internationally, who can best serve your needs, contact us.

    Central Oregon Basalt Products, LLC

    Harrison Hall

    1747 NW Mill Street
    Madras, Oregon 97741

    Phone: (541) 475-3044



    Region of Activity: National

    Product-Line or Services Description: Remineralizing Soil Booster

    Central Oregon Basalt Products uses the highest quality volcanic basalt rock from its own dedicated source to develop a new generation of products that help replace the nutrients and trace elements that are rapidly being depleted from our planet’s soils. Our 100% natural Remineralizing Soil Booster is made of finely milled volcanic basalt that comes from massive stones from Central Oregon’s legendary Cascade Mountains. Retail and wholesale agriculture companies, nurseries, landscapers, farmers and home gardeners use Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster to aid in the regeneration of soils and to kick-start the biological processes required for sustainable plant growth. Containing no synthetic chemicals or man-made additives, Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster is safe for plants when used as directed. The benefits of soil remineralization can include more nutritious fruits and vegetables, more colorful blossoms, and stronger, more vigorous plants. Importantly, Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program Rule and Canadian Organic Standards. At Central Oregon Basalt Products, we are proud to produce products that support and contribute to healthier soils and which provide plants—and people—with the nutrients they need to flourish.

    Concentrates Inc.

    SE International Way Milwaukie OR ,USA

    Down to Earth Distributers

    Eugene, Oregon

    Sustainable Agricultural Technologies

    Cottage Grove, Oregon


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